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Q: When do I need to take the post-license course?

Georgia’s post-license requirements: In order to fulfill Georgia’s real estate post-licensing requirements you need to do the following:

*Complete a 25-hour post-license course within 1 year of obtaining your original salesperson license and submit legal status verification documents to the Georgia Real Estate Commission

It is possible to have an extension of time to complete the salesperson post-license course only if: *You have BOTH enrolled in and paid all fees for an approved course before the date your license is scheduled to lapse and *You may NOT conduct any brokerage business after the date your license lapses until you have mailed to the Commission a completed Reinstate License Lapsed for POST Education application and the completion certificate for the sales post-license course.

If you did not complete the salesperson post-license course by the due date but it’s up to date now, you’ll need to submit the Reinstate License Lapsed for POST Education Application along with the certificate to the commission. We recommend completing the course as soon as you are licensed so that you are well versed in prospecting, listing presentations, sales contracts and the closing process.


Q: For the post-license course, what counts towards post-education.

American Real Estate University will host post-license classes twice a year.

Click below to view details about the American Real Estate University post-license course and upcoming classes.


Click below to view details about the online Real Estate Express post-license course.


Q: How often do I need to take License Law?

Every four years


Q: How often do I need to take Code of Ethics?

Every three years and it is the agents responsibility to submit their ethics completion certificates to their local board.


Q: What are the steps I need to take to renew my license.