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Welcome Aboard : Quentin Scott
Megan Ralston
By: Megan Ralston - Posted: Wed, Oct 19, 2022 @ 3:52 pm

Quentin Scott has been a social worker for over 22 years in South Carolina, Georgia, and Connecticut. He is passionate about helping children and families achieve goals and objectives in their lives along the way. He has chosen real estate as a career because he wants to continue helping families achieve their goals that they have set in their lives and be a main part of their moving into their dream home. When he is not at work, he loves traveling the world, watching NFL football, and playing league pool.

20 Responses

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    Ι аm 22 yеаrs оld, Annа, from Rоmаnіа, Ι knоw Εnglіsh аnd Germаn languageѕ alsо
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  11. Hiǃ
    Ι аpрlаud womеn whо havе the соurаgе tо enϳoy the love of mаnу women аnd сhоoѕe thе onе who will bе her beѕt frіend durіng thе bumрy and crаzy thing саlled life.
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